Thursday, April 28, 2005
Spot Check

The Form 4 and 5 prefects were having a spot check this morning. My duty was to search the bags in 4A1. As soon as I entered the class, I could see things started flying down from the 1st floor. Of course, the councils were smart enough to assign 2 Form 4 prefects to confiscate the stuff (porn CD, liquid paper and some other stuff) thrown out from the 1st floor. The spot check wasn't as fun as I expected coz I only confiscated a liquid paper and three comic books. There were only two students who brought their handphones. After the whole spot check, we went back to the music room and was to first to finish. While waiting for the rest to return, Joyce, Kristine, Van and I sat together and started joking about tricks the students use to hide their handphones such as:
> inside their bras
> inside their panties
And we even demonstrated on what will happen if the phone started ringing with the vibration on:
> their boobs will start to shake and colourful glow can be seen
> their 'unmentionables' will judder with musical tones.
Our conversation got out of hand when we made jokes for the male students. We laughed out REALLY LOUD til our laughter chased Pak Cik Rahim out of the music room. Before he went out, he said, "Oh sekarang saya baru tahu cerita apa yang perempuan suka cakap." GILA!!

I got the chance to watch Pasion de Gavilanes this afternoon. I wanted to wear my RM4.99 'cowboy' hat, which I'm very proud of, but I was too lazy to get it. I fell asleep after watching for the first few minutes. The story is moving very slowly....the typical telenovela....Norma decided to call off the divorce and ended her relationship with Juan, which I doubt very much of them not ending up with each other. The broke up made Juan in rage....and attempted to beat Oscar to death coz he blamed Oscar (who was involving with Jimena)  for his separation with Norma. Then, I fell asleep....ZzZzZz

Crap! Two Guys and A Girl is on......

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Saturday, April 30, 2005

I'm really frustrated right now. I'm trying to design my very own blog skin, but I'm out of ideas. I found this rockin' cool 'School Sucks' skin from Blogdrive Templates. The blackboard picture is from School Of Rock movie....I think.....that's what the designer stated. For the meantime, I'll just continue cracking me brain, me mind and me head for more ideas!

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Monday, May 02, 2005

Haaa...I thought I should blog something while waiting for the file to finish downloading. It's Labours' Day today. I woke up around 12.50pm without eating breakfast and lunch. I practically starved myself for almost the whole day and paid them off by eating seafood steamboat for dinner. I ate loads of sea hams and prawns, not to forget the meat too. I also ate two full rice bowls of ice-cream.! *BURP* Phoo.....I can still feel the food in my belly. I think my family ate the most coz our table were filled with prawn and sea ham shells.

My MegaMan BattleNetwork craze is back!!! One drawback.....I have to restart with the first series and then continue on...that is if I can finish playing the first one. Whenever I play this game with the 2003 playlist, I would surely reminisce my year 2003 moments.....playing this game day and night, nonstop....trying to finish it, but gave up in the end!

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

I'm so happy that I can cut myself some slack coz today is a public holiday (Assumption Day).  The Semester 1 exam is next week, starting with Chemistry Paper 3 and I'm still stuck with Bab 4....that leaves 5 more babs to go and 8 more subjects to study.....AIAIAIAI! AI CARAMBA!! Forget about the exam....

Yesterday, I got to skip my recess duty coz the Form 5 prefects were having a photoshoot at Anna Studio. It was pretty crazy! The apek kept on teasing our poor principal.....asking him to show his beautiful teeth, move his head to the left, right, up, down......Then, he spoke Iban along with some other jokes just to make us all laugh and show our teeth. After the formal shoot, we had the informal shoot where we do silly, lame poses.

I've just received the flight itinerary for the Form 5 Prefects' trip to KL few days ago. The trip is subsidized by the PIBG and Old Teresians' Association. So the amount I have to pay is RM150 (originally RM382). For a 3-days-2-nights (27th May - 30th May) trip to KL using MAS, excluding food, is freakin' cheap. As for the room, the teachers put Xu Vin, Gloria, Nicole and me share a room. I don't mind about it, but logically, I'm the hugest among them all and they just had to put me in a room with 3 people, while most of the rooms have only 3 person per room. But Carissa came to me yesterday, asking me whether I can exchange rooms with her coz she wants to be with Gloria. Well, since she asked for it, I granted her wish coz both of us get what we want. She get to share a room with Gloria, I get to share a room with Tania and Kristine....hahahaha! Sama geng! Tania and Kristine were pretty disappointed at first, before they knew about the exchange, and told me that they would sleep very early. As soon as they knew about the exchange, they jumped for joy and said that they wouldn't sleep at all. GILA!! I do hope the teachers will allow the exchange and will not make a fuss about it. Gotta cross me fingers...TIGHTLY!!!

Oh crap.....gotta continue with my revision, finish me homework..........CRAP!!!!! School Sucks!!!!

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Famous 19th century British murderer may have killed abroad: report

A report about the legendary Jack the Ripper which I find pretty interesting....

Tue May 3, 9:49 AM ET

Jack the Ripper, who murdered and mutilated a series of young women in 19th century London, is one of Britain's most infamous criminals, closely associated with the capital's fog-bound back streets.

But in fact the killer -- who was never caught -- might have been a sailor who interspersed his London murders with crimes in other countries, a report said on Tuesday.

The theory, detailed in the Guardian newspaper, is the product of research by retired British detective Trevor Marriott, who attempted to use modern police methods to solve the crimes.

His conclusions, published in a book called "Jack the Ripper: the 21st Century Investigation", challenge the long-held assumption that the murderer was a skilled surgeon as some of the women were disemboweled.

Marriott also says that the location of the killings between 1888 and 1891, in Whitechapel, east London, near the city's then-thriving docks, suggest the murderer may have been a merchant seaman.

The author believes he has even identified the ship Jack the Ripper arrived on, a cargo vessel called the Sylph which docked in London in July 1888, just before the first murder.

It later left for the Caribbean, tying the sailor to a murder in Nicaragua which Marriott believes bears the hallmarks of the same man, in that a prostitute's throat was cut and her body mutilated.

Another crime, in Germany, is also linked to Jack the Ripper by the book.

"The detectives at the time took a very blinkered approach," Marriott was quoted as saying by the paper.

"They were convinced the killer was someone who lived or worked in the Whitechapel area. They completely overlooked the fact that there was a pattern emerging which pointed to the possibility the killer may have been a sailor who only occasionally visited Whitechapel, hence the gaps between the murders."

More than 100 people have been identified as possible Jack the Rippers in many dozens of books produced over the decades, with suspects ranging from a Polish immigrant to Prince Albert, one of Queen Victoria's grandsons.

The killings generated huge publicity at the time, both for their brutality and the letters with which the killer taunted the police, signing himself as Jack the Ripper.

The crimes also helped focus public attention on the appalling living conditions faced by many in the poverty-stricken east of London.


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Ren's Pecs by Stimpy

A very sad song that I've finally downloaded yesterday....

Ren's Pecs by Stimpy from The Ren and Stimpy's Show

It sure is lonely around here ever since Ren got his pectoral implants and went to
I've never asked for anything, just your happiness.
And now that you have found it, I should be glad, I guess.
But I've played in my litter box as long as I can,
And I would give most anything just to hear "What is it, man?"
I know you've got your pecs now and gone on to bigger things,
But before you go and flex now, there's a cat at home who sings
That each and every day and night he misses his best friend,
And I only need to see you once to make this feeling end.
No matter where you go, no matter what you do,
Remember there's a little bit of Stimpy's butt in you.
And just once, when you strike that pose, could you think of me?
'Cause when I scratch my rear I think of how it used to be...
The house is much too quiet now that I don't hear your voice
And you know that I'd be with you if I only had my choice
But I know I will smile again when I see your name in lights
And when they talk about you I'll tell them
That I knew you when you were just Ren...

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Friday, May 06, 2005
"When I scratched my rear, I remember how we used to be..."

After 4 months of stuggle in other units (with a few repetitions within the 4 months), I finally got Unit Disiplin..the unit that most prefects prefer coz the duty is just standing at the gate like a statue, waiting for the latecomers. I've already missed 3 days of duties since my first Unit Disiplin roll call. The first one was because of the prefects' photoshoot, the second was because of the public holiday and third, which is today, we had first Friday mass, so I got to skip my morning duty. What a luck!   

There was a briefing about the KL trip by Mr. Teo and Pn. Euphrasia this morning, right after recess. According to them, the only educational trip that we MIGHT have is the Sunway College....and the rest of this "educational trip" is visiting the "Shopping University". ~_x Also, the teachers gave us the permission to leave school after recess on Friday, 27th May coz we have to be at the airport at approximately 1pm that day. Thank God our last paper on that day before recess will be Maths. When we were dismissed after the briefing had finished, Carissa and I went up to Pn. Euphrasia for the permission to exchange rooms. Fortunately, she was okay with it and confirmed right away. So, YAY! But too bad Farah won't be sharing with us coz she's under Pn. Dayang together with the other Malay prefects. However, she will get to share the same room with Farhanah and both of them can accompany each other. I'm so thrilled about the trip that I can't concentrate on my studies now. CRAP!

When I returned to my class, Pinah asked me how to sing Happy Teachers' Day...I was like..UH?????.. Later, when Pn. Kong came into our class, we wished and sang Happy Teachers' Day to her in the happy birthday rhythm. She was shocked and touched by our thoughts, well Pei Jie and her gang's thought actually, to give her a cake, a card signed by all of us and a rose or a carnation, I have no idea....Everyone in class got to eat a small piece of cake. We were like a bunch of beggars or the orphans from Oliver Twist, queueing up in a line to take a small piece of cake - cut by Pei Jie and Jenny. It was deliciosos!!

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Friday, May 20, 2005
*sigh* Kids of the 21st Century....

Finally, I can get a chance to release my PTS (Pressure, Tension, Stress) after a week plus of exam. Four more days of exam to go....and I'm FREE as a bird!!! ....I'm like a bird.... Hah! Like I can fly!?!?! Why is the title "Kids of the 21st Century"? Well, I was walking to church after school had finished and a primary school kid happened to walk slowly...pacing herself in front of me. I wanted to 'overtake' her, but cannot. Terlalu banyak budak around...geli I!! Anyway, she was walking very sl-o-w-ly because she was busy playing and meddling with her handphone. MY GOARSH!!! KIDS THESE DAYS!!! There wasn't even such technology way way way WAY back in my primary school days!!! haiaiaia.... Bunch of lucky bastards! Also a few days ago, I eavesdropped two primary school girls chatting about something...and I assume it's about boys coz I heard a boyish name. chikchikchik!! Apart from that, I also happened to eavesdropped two little boys talking about parties, one saying that he was invited for a party but he didn't attend it, and another complaining about not being invited for a party. DIOS MIOS!! During my time, there wasn't even such topic that would struck our puny, naive minds! One more week til the long anticipated KL trip. I'm having trouble deciding whether to pay RM25 for the indoor themepark at Berjaya Time Square (lunch included) or save the money for shopping.... CRAP!  To go or not to go? To pay or not to pay? Those are the moronic questions.....

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Haha...I'm soooo freakin' glad that I managed to finish Megaman BattleNetwork 1 (a cool GBA geek game) last night after 'exercising' my fingers for 14+ hours...of course with the help from a walkthrough I found somewhere on the net. Currently, I'm struggling with Megaman BattleNetwork 2. It's a lot harder than the first and most of the features of the game have changed completely, especially the Net. Oh Crap! The worst is not over yet...I still have to study from square one for my chemistry, which will be this Tuesday. Thank God tomorrow is a public holiday and also the day my sis gets a year older. HAH! Typing of 'older'....the word that most WOMEN fear most.

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Monday, May 23, 2005
New layout...

Muahahaha....At last, FeaModa Inc. has designed a NEW masterpiece of Yo Soy Betty La Fea. I'm so proud of it. This is what I've been dreaming, wishing and imagining about....Though it's a bit cacated, but heck WHO GIVES A DAMN!?!?!  If you encountered some errors, please...I BEG OF YOU...please do the world a GINORMOUS favour...REPORT TO ME IMMEDIATELY...your co-operation is very much appreciated. Gracias! Oh Crap! THe Apprentice is on...can't wait for Mr. Doanld Trump to say..YOU'RE FIRED!!!

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